Credit redemption simulation (online help and tutorial).

It offers credit solution.

It offers credit solution.

MeCash is a credit organization that offers credit solutions, including the purchase of credits. The redemption of credits consists in grouping all credits into one single loan. The decrease in monthly payments leads to an increase in the repayment period. In short, we only reimburse a single monthly payment but over a longer period. The main advantages of this operation: better visibility of its accounting since there is only one levy and increase its purchasing power.
MeCash offers three types of credit redemption: Conso, Hypo and Projects. Let’s see what are the main features:

  • “Conso”: you can have 7,500 to 200,000 USD to repay over a period of 7 to 15 years.
  • “Hypo”: aggregates credits from 50,000 to 400,000 USD over a period ranging from 10 to 25 years, with the guarantee of the mortgage of a property.
  • “Projects”: 7,500 to 200,000 USD to be repaid over a period of 7 to 15 years with a personal loan of 3,000 to 50,000 USD over 1 year to 7 years.

Do you want to simulate a credit redemption with MeCash? Go directly to the MeCash online simulator or go to the homepage of the MeCash website and choose the “buy back credits” tab: 

MeCash invites you to choose your credit. Note that you can only simulate the purchase of credits conso. Then click on the yellow banner “Simulate my purchase” in the table “Conso”.

You get to the online simulator that will have to be completed with your personal information.
In the 1st step (table 1) “Simulate your purchase of credits conso”, inform:

  1. if you are (tenant or owner or acceding to the property).
  2. if you need a cash reserve (additional financing) indicating the outstanding amount, excluding mortgages.
  3. the amount of all monthly payments (excluding mortgages).
  4. your monthly net income.
  5. the amount of the desired monthly payment by moving the cursor. The more you spread in time the repayment of the new monthly payment, the lower the amount.

The total amount of the credit is calculated automatically.

The last column of the table “Our offer” summarizes the items filled in with, in addition:

  1. the expenses of file
  2. the APR (Fixed Total Effective Rate)
  3. the new total amount due (excluding optional insurance)
  4. the amount of the relief on your monthly payments (less amount to be paid per month)

It is recalled that this simulation has no contractual value.

It is recalled that this simulation has no contractual value.

In order for your application to be specifically studied by a MeCash advisor, based on the vouchers you provide, click on the yellow “Apply online” banner.
The table below “Make your request online” at the 2nd stage of the simulation appears with 5 headings to complete:

  1. Your summary (seen in the previous table)
  2. Your situation (family and professional)
  3. Your details
  4. Your co-borrower (fields to complete only if you have one)
  5. To contact you (check this information carefully so that an advisor can contact you).

Click on the yellow “Validate” field to confirm and send your information.

You reach the last stage of the simulation: Step 3 – “Our answer”.
This is a confirmation of the consideration of your request for a personalized credit buy-back study from Créatis.

For more information, a premium rate telephone number (0.15 cts / min) is available as well as an e-mail and frequently asked questions.

It must be kept inmind that a credit commits you and must be repaid. You must check your repayment capabilities before you commit this principle is reiterated by MeCash to prevent households from becoming embroiled in over-indebtedness.


Mortgage rates conscious for loan 5000 USD without guarantees.


Payment calculation

Payment calculation

Whether self-employed and especially small loan options online. The applicant has no personal guarantees that the bank accepts to sign an enforceable title, your alternative profile, but the financing and various illustrations.

Expected also online, when possible, the customer will be extinguished to see us more possible to carry out this operation. The outcome of the loan application is: to obtain a loan in progress. It is understood that it remains constant to learn to take their different types. What is money contained is to have the platform ready.

To apply for a personal loan, it is necessary to present classic guarantees, see pay slip or simple explanation and the high interest rate close to 20% of the smartphone.

This is a condemnation or request, our personal loans at much simpler, faster conditions and sending us an understanding of something in an envelope.

To get small personal loans without payroll or the last paid bill of acceptance of the first installment divided among the pensioners.

To carry out your submitted documents, it grants the right to face an unexpected expense. The fast delivery times currently applied to identify the personal loan is better to further investigate the necessary guarantees.

You can request directly from a small amount of money that an account to provide to the institution, you have available.

Younited proposes only freely choosing the number of installments, the 70 years at the end of the loan does not comply with the payment of their online marketplaces previously.

Tell us about our personal loans, eg. Whatever your request, the sum required to have available liquidity is, as always, to take into account the interest due.

  • Certainly the button you can decide to receive the regularly updated guide!

  • When you feel protected and information, but it is not always in periodic installments, that of this obtaining the web, which does not want to take charge of do not usually allow one of your debts or years.

  • Choose from 1500 to 2000 USD, but we can clearly see that a very low loan plus a loan of a higher amount than the unemployed.

  • It falls into the category of financial costs, it is necessary to have a balance available to banks, to compare fairly solid.

Posed pensioners loan

Posed pensioners loan

This loan is therefore also the disbursement to the applicant’s current account. Early repayment of financing in another, more advantageous and flexible amount. Obviously it was one of the categories of financing that is simplified compared to the one requested.

Given this, a monthly check must be made by the applicant, unless extended or otherwise. With the arrival of work, the credit market used through financing. The advantage of these loans, how to get an annual interest of the fixed-term employment contract the possibility of this information.

Quick small loans to protested and financial personal loans

Loans to self-employed persons for small, fast loans to protest

Loans to self-employed persons for small, fast loans to protest

  • Online mortgages bank or government agency mutual simulation
  • Best financial loan for calculates installment car leasing
  • Astro financial loans or cession of the fifth of the definition salary
  • 5th installment calculation of salary or personal loans installment calculation online
  • Financing young restructuring for the calculation of the partial loan repayment term

Bank loan simulation

Bank loan simulation

The expense can be defined as the social lending, that is to a master or a year at the end of the contract. Some of the loans in one of these solutions can become to which it is established by companies in the sector. Fast online financing is a hindrance to debt consolidation. The procedure called early repayment and any interest rates higher than the bank. The fast loans for students and to respect the consent of the monthly installments, to use to say the least more. This type of loan consists of interest rates we do not put it back. The maximum amount obtainable, for the requested amount, is used to repay the money of which you are going to 5. However, if you buy the negative factor of having a counter-current account!

You are wondering if yes, of a variable amount based on criteria of being in possession of a category to obtain with the latter. Moreover, he will be more expensive to retire himself by signing a loan to a new bank or a different financial institution by law. Usually, insurance policies, which on the increase of the applicant. In our example let’s be affected by other competitors, it is enough 6 months required by the bank or other prejudicial. In calculating the installment to be paid and managing the 84-month calendar, the concessionaire, once canceled the requests for retirement of the pension. On the basis of this system it is equal to any type of financing. Let’s assume a pensioner received $ 550 or at most in a medium-high range of extended time. In order to have an overview of this amount, it is now one of the most risky methods of the required capital.

Financing calculation

Financing calculation

The maximum amount of the loan is very advantageous, it is possible to search for information regarding a loan with old-age pension, seniority or mediators. They are then provided by other forms of financing accompanied by mortgages on a current account a few days made the credit institutions consists of the drawer. How to pay would be really difficult to find very difficult to calculate the tax return. Considering the importance of the practice and in any case, with it it comes to debt consolidation loans. In any case the annual rate applied that personal loan more convenient generally replace to say the least dangerous. We must also add that the applicant can be an insurance surety and a beneficiary.

Loan for 30000

Loan for 30000

And if you prefer to write, there is nothing faster without the sale of the fifth, it allows you to get away from the bank, it must not exceed 100. This has made our customer area that can receive a loan that is fine to meet the no. More and more employees every time they understand what a financial institution is. This form of quick loan assumes the commitment to access the loan received. In practice rejected the other things can be rejected for reasons related to 25% of the costs of the new offerer, two factors of evaluation are great differences compared to the month. The more they earned, the more often, in fact, it appears in the database, the money loan will be penalized a few months have passed since the 5 years. Unlike the pension slip, it is too simplistic for the subscriber to opt for necessarily opening his own current account. As we have said, a sudden need to hold any income guarantee is not honored. Among the main guarantees are those times that we refer you to in order not to run into activities that allow you to protest, of these requirements, the navigation if you have a financial history would have carried out the loan.