Smog won’t quit Loan

Poland is struggling with the growing problem of air pollution. Chemicals that are in the air are slowly killing us. Smog is formed as a result of burning with waste as well as poor quality coal used in fatal boilers, which currently standards in Poland are exceeded by several hundred percent.

However, from year to year people’s awareness is increasing. Still, it still doesn’t look promising. Poland is in a shameful place in the ranking of the first ten most polluted countries in the world.

What is smog?


48 thousand die from smog in Poland people per year! And are we all aware of what smog is and what are its huge, sometimes irreversible effects? Smog is a type of dark dust suspended in the air, which contains very strong chemical compounds, such as: sulfur, dioxins, allergens and heavy metals.

If we smoke in furnaces with garbage, such as: plastic, plastic bags, waste or coal, we produce smoke in the air, which is dangerous to our health. Smog also arises from car exhausts or fossil fuels. This phenomenon usually occurs during the heating season, i.e. from October to March.

Smog causes


The problem with smog did not appear just like that. The first alarming signs that were noted by residents were created several centuries ago. The term smog was created in a combination of two words “smoke – smoke” and “fog – cloud”. This phenomenon can be easily seen with the naked eye, but you can also sense its unpleasant smell. The problem of air pollution is probably caused by ignorance of people or lack of money to buy a better, more economical device for heating apartments and houses. There are various chemical compounds in the air, including:

  • PM 10 and PM 2.5 – one of the most dangerous compounds existing in smog. Dust very harmful to health, in particular to the respiratory system and circulation.
  • Nitric oxide – is formed as a result of exhaust gases generated by cars or fossil fuels from power plants.
  • Sulfur dioxide – a strong gas that is dangerous to animals and plants. It is formed, for example, as a result of fossil fuel fumes and due to a volcanic eruption.
  • Carbon monoxide – has strong toxic properties. Combined with water, it creates acid rain.

Smog is very dangerous for our health

Smog is very dangerous for our health

It causes many diseases, especially respiratory system, heart disease, asthma attacks. Mortality from polluted air is increasing every year. An increased incidence of cancer and many other serious diseases has also been reported. Smog is also very harmful to pregnant women as it can damage the baby’s fetus.

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